I preach, you listen

In most companies, people do not genuinely value customer experience. They simply set up a lame excuse of a marketing department. Frankly, as a customer myself, I’m getting tired of their antics. I mean, who gives a crap about the adventures of a brownie bar?

“If my TV ad impresses people, then my sales will go up!”

That’s cliché. It’s boring, but why do companies continue to do it?

Well for starters, it’s easy. It requires low emotional involvement on the part of the marketer with the customer. Most importantly, it’s an effective medium to use if you want to preach your idea. You pay a couple of million bucks, the TV station plays your message, and you feel good about yourself. Great.

But what about your customer?


She has feelings too.


Maybe it’s time you listen to her.


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