Time flies

It’s almost Christmas time again. I’ve been working for seven months already and it hasn’t been a pleasant ride. Why am I so idealistic? Is idealism a dying movement?

I’m all for practicality but the vibrance of idealism is alluring. I’m sure there’s always space for both idealism and practicality to fit into one box.

Time does fly. In the past, there were at least five major competitors in my current industry and now it’s down to just two. That past was about six to seven years ago.

In the course of less than half a decade, an entire industry was shaken up. The underdog has now become number two. That’s us. But at what cost?

What once was seen as a dynamic and growing company is now losing the war for true innovation. A taste of minor success is all that’s needed for dynamism to die down. It’s easy to do something, but it’s definitely a big risk to do something new. Now that I ponder upon it, I guess the company was never a risk-taker at all.

When something from the depths rises, it throbs hard and wild. Instead of waiting for change, I’d rather be the change. The real question now is if that desire is worth putting everything at stake.

As I type this, time flies.

It just never stops.


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