No Hesitation

I wish I could write like a pro. I don’t want to scramble for something to write. I just want writing to be effortless. I want topics to come to me as naturally as eating. I wish.

In real life, the pros become pros because of their discipline. They decide to stick to their self-made commitments. Some would post one article a week, some would post one a day, and some would even post multiple times a day. The key is self-accountability and also more importantly, accountability to one’s readers because they are the ones who decide if the content is worth consuming.

I’ve always wanted to write a novel. So far, nothing has happened. I lack discipline. I admit it.

Now it’s time for me to up the ante. I need to get through this writing slump and things might just turn out for the better.


2 Responses to No Hesitation

  1. bookflutterby says:

    Ah…I love to write. Rather, I think I more like the idea of writing, because I simply am too lazy to get past Chapter One…I procrastinate too much. Good luck with your writing!

    • edricchen says:

      I too like the idea of writing. Right now, I feel inspired to press on with it. I think inspiration does play a key in all of this. We should constantly find new things that will inspire us. For me, it’s my interactions with interesting people. Those help me step out of my introvert self.

      The technical part of writing is easy, but it’s the emotional part that bogs down the great majority. That includes me. 🙂

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