3 weeks

2008 is almost over. For some, the holidays may be a relief after all the turmoil. For others, the holidays won’t even be enjoyable because of financial disability. For a select few, the holidays will be just like any time of the year because opportunities abound. I myself hope to be classified under the third group.

While everyone is heated up about the debate on whether 2009 will be for better of for worse, we should most definitely keep our cool. One important thing to do is to keep our eyes open and to listen to what others are saying. Chances are that the next big hit will be a result of someone paying close attention to the needs of desperate people. That group of people is now more than ever.

People who are equally as smart as they are rich will be on the lookout for ways to enjoy life without breaking the bank. They might also be a group to pay attention to. They will probably be as extravagant as ever but simple cues which claim to help them save a few bucks without shortchanging experience might work out well.

I’m using these last 3 weeks of the year to pay close attention to what people are saying. I’m especially interested in what they will do in relation to what they are saying. Maybe I will find something of merit that will spur me to change-making action.

How will you be spending the next 3 weeks?


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